The Mirage


It was a sunny day out. I had a good lunch at the food court under the bright sun with a happy mood. I came up and went to the washroom. I found my spot, was standing in process and relieving myself when someone came and occupied the spot on the other corner. 

All of a sudden, I heard some voice. I looked at him. He was looking down and mumbling.. Hmm.. oh my goodness! That is so cute.


My mind stopped working for a second. I was taken aback. Was he talking to his…

I paid a little more attention. There were earbuds in his ear. He was talking on his phone talking to someone… ROFL was my state. 

p.s. events are based on a true story.

Contributed by: V1$hw@ M@h@nt@

The Mirage – II

The most anxious day of the week, it is Sunday. The day you virtually dream about Monday, actually the most dreadful day of the week. I keep my Sunday’s less active, like most others. This day is reserved to gear up for next 5 or 6 days of unnatural and uncalled for challenges. I was getting blurred at home when I make a point to myself that I will defy my Sunday Policy. I will go out on a coffee date, a date with my inner self.

Starbucks is across two streets from my home. They brew one of the best coffees I have ever had. They are enough reason for me to getup and get going. Its already well past 6 and sun has set on the front. It has left a part of sky my kind of orange. I opt a walk to the coffee shop over a bus ride which is readily available below my apartment. I strongly believe these little walks add to the bottom line of my commitment to reduce some grams of body mass.

Starbucks is always filled with patrons and today is a no different day, it is Sunday. Everyone has their bit of coffee and they busy on their machines. The atmosphere is intense, I see students and professionals all busy with something more important than coffee. I order my all time favourite Caramel Macchiato. I have ordered this flavour 9 in 10 times. No other flavour has replaced it in last 3-4 years of my engagement with Starbucks. It is unbeatable like Hamilton . I like its creamy taste and sweetness.

I grab the only available table in the cafe, fortunate. I can hear sound of keyboard fast strokes in the background and foreground. I guess I am the only one enjoying coffee in this part of planet. Singapore is a workaholic and I am witnessing first hand on a Sunday.

I got my coffee, as always a smooth taste. I felt the caffeine gears up in my mind after few sips. I think it reaches my mind through the papillae taste buds of my tongue, never mind. 
Coffee makes me more attentive and productive. The blood is flowing fast. Blood cells contains data which being processed by processor called brain. I already have so many ideas for tomorrow. The things that need my first attention, the things that I can resolve without much hassle. I want to document them, and I need a machine. Oh, now I can relate a thing with my fellow crowd near me. Now I see a reason for them to be here on this Sunday evening. They are here to make their Monday and Days better. Good on you all. I am going from here with a bag of learnings. Inspiration can come from anywhere, one don’t need to inside closed walls. The openness brings more joy and happiness. The openness bring a culture of channeling coffee into productive hormones.

Contributed by: Vipin Verma